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The Amsterdam Links Page

Planning To Go To Amsterdam? You're In The Right Place!
Why spend hours searching when all the best links are here?

Alternative Amsterdam Guide: Seethru Zine
Features include nightlife, drugs, and eats. Good starter guide but not as indepth as many others below.

Amsterdam Wikitravel
From the same brilliant volunteers that brought you Wikipedia , Amsterdam Wikitravel is a solid no-frills guide to the city worth consulting.

Eat Drink etc. Amsterdam
This pleasing-to-the-eye site has lots of good information, especially on current goings-on in Amsterdam. Also nice - reader-reviews of bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, even red-light district sex shows and clubs.

The Hip Guide To Amsterdam
This site is great! Excellent pics, strong content, fast loading- all the things I love! Features a Quick Tour, Museums, Events, Cuisine, Coffeeshops, Red Light, Maps & Pics. Definitely hit this one!

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour
A competent travel and review site in and of itself, plus additional information on disabled/wheelchair access. Could be of use to both the disabled and those who have willfully disabled themselves through excessive cannabis consumption.

Amsterdam XXX / The Walletjes
A reader sent me this link in response to my plea for good sites dealing with the sex industry in the 'dam. Indeed, the site covers more than most, with a tour of the redlight (including saucy photos), a message board and lots more information.
thanks to Jeremy

Travelocity Amsterdam
Both a good travel guide to Amsterdam and a reputable place to get cheap flights.

Eztrip Amsterdam Destination Guide
Good guide info as well as hotels, gay amsterdam, eating and drinking, as well as a sensible best of amsterdam list.

Amsterdam hotel tobook
Hotel listings from one to five stars with online reservations and profiles for the hotels. Also has Bed & Breakfast listings and recommended hotels.

Find'n Amsterdam
Small site of Bed & Breakfasts, all of which look great and cater to different tastes and styles.

Oud-West Amsterdam
I like the photos on this Dutch site - might have other good content but I'm linguistically challenged.

Shopping in Amsterdam
Specialty Shop guide for Amsterdam, broken down both by category and neighborhood.

Amsterdam Secrets
10 curious and interesting destinations in Amsterdam, including the amazing (and recommended) Our Lord In The Attic.

Eyewitness Travel Guide Amsterdam
I've been to Amsterdam five times now, and I can say, without question, that the Eyewitness Travel Guide Amsterdam is an indespensable tool. So many features: public transport maps (that are accurate!), full-color photos and floor plans of important buildings, planned and mapped city walks with details on architecture and history, and information on virtually every feature of Amsterdam. Literally amazing- and all this packed into a well-built, compact paperback that is easily shoved into a bag. I've lent mine out two times since and it has received rave reviews from my friends. Don't be stupid- it's worth the money.
See Also: Get Lost! Guide to Amsterdam for the naughty places- prostitution, weed, etc.

International Circuit Amsterdam
Good basic Amsterdam guide with the usual: attractions, history, hotels & hostels, photos and more.

World 66 amsterdam
Still in its fledgling phase, World 66 could be compared to a young Amsterdam Channels, but still offers up some good general advice for travellers and listings for lodging, eating, nightlife, drugs, etc.

Still more coffeeshops
It's the time of year that I think of Amsterdam for some reason, perhaps because I know it's just as bitter and rainy there as it is here. It's not bitter and rainy in Abraxas, Baba, de Republiek, Pink Floyd, Stone's Cafe or Wolkewietje- oh no, it's warm and smoky. Mmmmm... warm and smoky.
visit Hemperium.net for tons of links to weed resources across Holland.

420 Tours
The "Official Home Of The Cannabis Cup" site has got a lot worth checking out- from a flash map of the city, coffeeshop reviews and merch to art and info. Also the place to go to register for the Cannabis Cup and get the schedule.

Travel Channel Netherlands
Fodor's provides the content here, which, though a little thin, has good Amsterdam travel tips and nightlife info.
See also Fodor's Citypack Amsterdam guide.

Lonely Planet Amsterdam
From the makers of the famous Travel Channel series and books, Lonely Planet Amsterdam offers a wide variety of information on the city, including museums, sites, travel info, history, culture, activities, getting around and more.
See also the Lonely Planet Amsterdam book.

N.T.B. Amsterdam Guide
Not Too Boring takes a linear approach to Amsterdam- a step-by-step guide that by turns offers good suggestions for the economy traveler and ejaculates about the glories of the city.

Electric Ladyland
This link has been the holy grail to me since I visited this quirky museum in March of 1999. A short walk from the Anne Frank House, The First Museum of Fluorescent Art is an incredibly trippy place filled with glowing landscapes and imaginative sculptures perfect for contemplation under the influence of the mind-altering substance of your choice. Don't forget to get Nick Padalino, the artist, to give you his personal tour of the works, he's as much an attraction as the art itself.

MyTravelGuide Netherlands
this site has got plenty of useful information for world travelers including this page for the Netherlands. Get weather, time zone info, look at local webcams, check out lodging and entertainment. While more focused on The Netherlands as a whole than Amsterdam itself, still a worthwhile resource.

Virtual Tourist Amsterdam
Virtual Tourist has lots of Amsterdam tips posted by travellers. Both informative and amusing, they're sorted by categories like "Must-See Activities," "Warnings Or Dangers" and "Off The Beaten Path." Fun and worth checking out.

Jon's Amsterdam Coffeeshop Guide
Big props to Jon for sheer volume of information and fast-loading simplicity. This guide has 24 amsterdam coffeeshops listed with links and brief, consise, opinionated writups for each. there's also a lot of writeups for other Netherlands coffeeshops in Den Haag, Haarlem and several others. Top that off with helpful hints for the traveler and you've got a page that's of real value to the new-to-Amsterdam traveler. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

Party Update
Fresh updates on what appears to be the most frequently updated page for these things. Now: parties: Big Bang, Love Train, Milkweg, and more!

Has a nice frontend for booking hostel/hotel stays as well as hostel and hotel listings. Also has extensive traveller business resources and worthwhile links and general info.wisdom, keeps this weblog chock-full of good links to suff all over the web.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory
This is the best (and most thorough) site I've seen indexing coffeeshops- it has a map, ratings by people of various nations, etc...

You asked for sex...
So many searchers coming to my site were looking for info on sex in Amsterdam, I decided to research it a bit. To begin with, I saw many recommendations for Yab Yum, a gentlemen's club that offers... everything? I also found some information regarding prostitution in the Netherlands and tips for dealing with the ho's. For those that swing the other way, there's the gay guide to amsterdam. Finally, I have to include "an adventure to Germany and Holland by two guys in search of the best sex." If you know of any other good links to sex info in Amsterdam, please email me.

Haven't Bought a Ticket Yet?
Looking for a Spontaneous "Trip"?

I'm an aficianado of e-saver fares. Every Wednesday my email is filled with all of the cheap fares- and I can tell you unquestionably that Northwest Airlines (and KLM), have the cheapest fares to Amsterdam. If you sign up for these CyberSaver fares you'll get rock-bottom fares to Amsterdam for long weekends (Thurs to Mon or Tues in most cases), for as low as $200 RT. Be prepared to hustle, though- most of the fares can only be utilized the week following the email.

Stoners In The Haze
An extended travelogue by Andrew Looney that explores Amsterdam from the perspective of a non-doper come to explore cannabis culture in Amsterdam. Interesting.

Schiphol Airport
What you see is what you get- Amsterdam's Shiphol Airport site.

The Internet Guide to Amsterdam
A fact-filled practical guide to Amsterdam- intended for printing. Addresses such mundane but important topics as seasonal temperature, electricity, transport & communications.

The Amsterdam Stun
This odd little site answers the question "Are there sloppy drunks in Amsterdam too? The answer is, yes.

Toke Of The Town
A Salon travelogue- she's not stoned... or is she?

Lotsa Club Links
For alla those club kids- waste some time exploring the following Amsterdam club-related webpages: Chemistry, Melkweg, Paradiso, Sinners In Heaven, iT, Escape, Techno Online, Hemkade and Flyer Site. If you can't find a rave with these links, you've eaten too much e baby, too much e.
Please be advised that not all of the above sites are all-English.

Amsterdam Hotels & Travel Information
I originally posted this site for their info on the Trams, the Taxis, the Boats, the Bikes and Bus, but now they've expanded to offer more, including lodging.

Anne Frank House
First time I went to Amsterdam, I skipped this 'cause I didn't wanna be "bummed out." Second time, I went the The Museum Of Flourescent Art instead. This time I'm gonna go, and ENJOY being bummed! Thank you SIR, may I have another??

The Bulldog
it's true, The Bulldogs are the most commercialized, touristy places to smoke in Amsterdam, but all I recall about it is that crazy nook in the back with currencies of all nations hanging from the ceiling. That place had terrible ventilation, we smoked, and smoked, and smoked, and none of the smoke left, just got recirculated back into our lungs . . . over and over . . . aahhhh

Amsterdam Channels
Besides being a full-featured site including reviews on hotels, discos, coffeeshops, restaurants, museums, theatres and sex clubs (gulp!), Amsterdam Channels has a cool "tour through the city" feature where you navigate yourself on a map and it brings up photos corresponding to location. It also has chat, a knowledge base and an active BBS. Very worthwhile, I reckon.

Bud's Guide
Tons of excellent user-reviews, pictures and links in an interesting console layout. Also includes reviews of shops outside Amsterdam, "most popular," those that serve alcohol (which is helpful if you're travelling with nonsmoking boozers) and more. Definitely worth a look.

This content-rich, quick-loading and easy-to-navigate site is packed like a qp baggie with stuff to check out regarding WEED. Sure, it's got almost nothing to do with Amsterdam per se, but I thought I'd share it with all youse guys anyway. I'm just like that. I see a good thing and I want to share it with everybody, spread the word, y'know.... if you like it, though, you really ought to check out DRC Net... it's sumfin!

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Guide
Yep, another butt-ugly coffeeshop guide. I'm starting to wonder if it's not a requirement for coffeeshop reviewing: "Sec 1.09b - all coffeeshop reviews on the internet must be housed on an atrociously ugly site utilizing only the brightest, most painful colors.." However, it actually has some content, unlike many of their peers. Worth checking out if you're patient and wear sunglasses.

Coffeeshop Smokey
A decent site with a nice "welcome" section featuring plenty of quick-loading pics alongside a walk through Amsterdam.

Elements Of Nature
Another content-light smart-shop site, this one with links to their affiliated erotic and hempseed shops. They might be great sites, but I can't tell- they're blocked where I work- usually a good sign. Check 'em out & let me know.

Conscious Dreams
I admit it, I've gotten a little bored surfing for weed & coffeeshop linx. Conscious Dreams is a "smart-shop" in Amsterdam- which means it sells 'shrooms, peyote, and so on. I visited Conscious Dreams twice a day for the whole week I was there in March, and by the end of the week, the giant dude who had waited on me every time was no longer dour, only surly.

THC Coffeeshop Index
A long, long list of what appears to be ALL of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. None are reviewed, but their addresses are provided and some have links to their homepages.

Grey Area
The Grey Area is know for it's . . . bong selection, mostly. A clearly American-minded coffeeshop of some noteriety, I peeked in there last March, and they do, indeed, have numerous bongs. They also have a beautiful, interesting website that gives me the wets. Cheque it owt!

Global Chillage
I've read that this coffeeshop is tha bomb, and if their site is anything like it, I believe it! It is way cool- shockwave, weird graffix, etc. Chekkit out!

Marijuana/Hash Prices
"Hm, let's see... if the Super Skunk costs 16 Euros a gram, and a Euro is equal to 2.2 Guilders, and 1 Dollar is approximately 2 Guilders, and I smoke about 5/8ths of it per day, will $200 be enough to keep me high for 10 days?" You figure it out. Also has an interesting legalization article at bottom.

About.com Amsterdam Webguide
This is a multi-part guide covering all sorts of topics and full o'links. Your About.com guide is Durant Imboden, and I would like to say that his beret makes him look like a big wank! ERT!

Amsterdam Hotspots
This site has got party-oriented Amsterdam links and information galore- including "smoke," "gay," "clubs," and "red light." The more I surf it, the more I like it. To date, the best site to be found on this page for the naughty stuff

Visit Holland
Another tidy tourist site.

Simply Amsterdam
Travel & tourism guide with a wide range of topics and features. I haven't checked it out, but you can!

If y'don't know exatly where in Amsterdam your hotel is or need to find an attraction- Mapquest should help. (See Also City Of Amsterdam site which has map searching capability).

Visit Amsterdam
Another government-based tourism site- a little easier to use and more thorough than the "City Of" Site

Amsterdam City Online
This is the "Official" Amsterdam Site- it has plenty of info on Museums, Maps, etc. A little dry, but good for looking for stuff OTHER than whores and coffeshops.

Time Out Amsterdam
This site, by the makers of the famous Time Out alterna-traveler books, is a decent source of information on Amsterdam. Highlights: "This Month" (activities), a currency calculator and one-click weather news.

Travel.com Amsterdam Venues
Lists a number of disco venues and has some other Amsterdam links.

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